Q: What is a prefab home?
A: A prefabricated or 'prefab' home is a home that has already been conveniently built and installed prior to delivery. This saves you and everybody involved in your project lots of time, money and energy. The high costs and lead times associated with traditional building are no longer your burden to carry.

Q: What is the process for purchasing a prefab home?
A: After inspection and consultation is completed and payment is fulfilled, we immediately begin preparing your unit for installation and swift delivery.

Q: How fast can you have it installed and delivered?
A: Depending on your availability, it can be done within 1-3 working days of the finalization of your purchase.

Q: Do you offer financing options?
A: We work with local banks for financing options at very attractive rates, given the durability of our products. Acquiring financing is made even easier with the right appeal and business plan.

Q: What can I use my prefab home for?
A: Our prefab homes are very multipurpose. They can be used as an office, storage space; shed; warehouse, AirBnB vacation rental, extra bedroom for personal use, vendor; sale of goods; food truck; shake shop; ticket booth, salon; spa; beauty parlor, the list goes on! Visit our social media to see the creative ways our clients have used their units.

Q: Does the prefab home come with electricity and plumbing?
A: Electrical wiring is included in the prefab home upon delivery, plumbing can be easily installed in the units in a matter of moments with the assistance of a plumber/carpenter.

Q: Does the prefab home come with an air conditioner?
A: Our company has special contracts with various local airco dealers, which allows us to offer brand new airconditioning units at the most affordable additional cost.

Q: Can I customize my prefab home?
A: Yes! From partition walls, to the installation of additional fixtures, decorations both inside and out, our prefab units are fully customizable and can be fully designed to your liking. Note however, that some more advanced foldable units do not allow a full removal of the latitudinal walls.

Q: Will it stand against the weather in Aruba?
A: Yes, our units come with various different quality certifications that deem it fully weather proof. From high quality glass wool EPS fireproof materials for the walls to the waterproof insulation and windproof structural design: our units are built to last.

Q: What is the lead time for a prefab home?
A: Unless certain models are out of stock and depending on your availability, we can have your purchased units installed and delivered typically within 1-3 working days. After inspection and consultation is completed and payment is fulfilled, our lead time is roughly 3 days.